26 July 2017

What is ours does not come easily:
we must fight for it.
On both our knees and with all our heart,
we must fight for it.

Psalm 144:1



25 July 2017

Be strong and courageous
like the Cuillin that stands
against raging skies and angry seas.
Only do not search for strength within,
do not take a hoe to dig for courage in you:
the Cuillin knows,
strength and courage is found only in our God.

Joshua 1

in the end

there is no grand end.
no, the birds would not cease
their songs; neither
would the wind delay its travel. we
have no grand end,
dust to dust, flesh to rot,
such is the end
of all men, women too,
with nothing grand about the end.

when flesh finds its rot
and the end has come and gone,
a new life becomes
or death returns
a relentless tormentor,
a choice* all yours.
there’s nothing grand about the end,
it is that life after that sparkles
with grandness that has no end.

*The Holy Bible John 3:16