I cannot stop evil.
I could fear it,
cause my heart to pump with rigour
at its distasteful shadow that lurks
in the biting black dark,
that cannot stop evil
from running down old men
and squeezing blood out of girls
and boy and helpless selves,
their worth and change,
their song, their fringe.

I cannot stop evil
but I can crush it where I can,
stand on its forehead
while you break apart its long hands
and beautifully mangled feet
that twist and turn till sanity runs.
But we cannot stop evil
for it lives and breathes again
here and there and ten times bigger
than the devil then, with ten more men,
women, in its army troop.

But, good has overcome
evil, and the time will come
when its whistle will be gone.

Isaiah 11



My dreams for you are noble
like the quiet mountain that stands grand.
My dreams, ah, my dreams, for you, they are fierce,
violent forks of lightning that pierce the night.
My dreams for you are forever
in a land of beauty that cannot be told.
My dreams are full of you, of love I would not withhold.


I do not know if God is
just as I cannot say that mountains are
or the trees that grow with them
but if these birds fly
in the sky and those fishes lie
in the sea, if my breath flows
like the wind, then surely God is


can I fill death’s belly
that its dark red mouth
is no longer ajar in groaning hunger?
can I shut the skies
that snow and light and
rain can no more kiss the earth’s dark skin?
can I make us a world
that I’ll sustain
for a thousand years, with not one thing?
No one can. Turn to the one who is able

when life’s vast space eats into your heart
like worms feasting on its rotten meal,
on moonless nights when pain latches onto your soul
as man-of-war’s strings fishing its later meal,
in cloudy morns when hunger breaks your fast and dryness comes
to quench your thirst, when supper’s bowl has no meal.
Which one can? Turn to your God who is able

to crush highlands in one breath, making the earth plain;
who sends out rain and snow and sun, songs and gentle wind;
who can turn earth’s deep greens, blues and browns into nothing’s sea where it’ll no more be found.
This one can. Turn to our God: He is able.

Job 38-41


there is a choice in love, to give it or not to give it.
where you aren’t given love, the choice has been made.
a friend who loves weighs heavier than gold.

you can count on the love of your mother,
you may depend heavily on your father’s deep affection.
hold on for dear life to love your God gives.

Romans 8:38-39; 1 John 4:10; 2 Samuel 1:26; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7