Sleepless Night in the Blue Room

‘Twas pitter-patter of thoughts on the roof
the kind that wasn’t going a place soon
that kept me awake, listening, like th’ full moon


An Autumn End

I have seen Autumn’s leaf fall
a proud, graceful sway to its end.
I have heard its sound
of rustling, portending a withering brown dying.
I have seen Autumn’s leaves fall,
curtseying the end to a season.

in the end

there is no grand end.
no, the birds would not cease
their songs; neither
would the wind delay its travel. we
have no grand end,
dust to dust, flesh to rot,
such is the end
of all men, women too,
with nothing grand about the end.

when flesh finds its rot
and the end has come and gone,
a new life becomes
or death returns
a relentless tormentor,
a choice* all yours.
there’s nothing grand about the end,
it is that life after that sparkles
with grandness that has no end.

*The Holy Bible John 3:16


ilé là wá nlọ,
ilé, ilé

but do you not wonder,
n’íbo n’ilé wà?”
as all men sing the tune,

ilé là wá nlọ,
  ilé, ilé”,

with suitcases that bear gold coins
and a sofa, a suit and a garage
of metal beings that hum,

ilé là wá nlọ,
  ilé, ilé”,

on the trek to that small country
(the strongest of them!) whose anthem
(and all who live there still sing),

ilé là wá nlọ,
ilé, ilé,

makes you wonder,
n’íbo n’ilé wà?”,
only you must not still the song,

ilé là wá nlọ,
ilé, ilé

A Pantoum of Heaven

Many tales tell, that
dead men bear no guilt,
with the poise of a full moon lazing on a dreamy lake;
but if heaven is a place for angels,

dead men wear their guilt
as skies bear up weary clouds.
Perhaps heaven is a place for damned men,
dead men ransomed from their end in graves.

Knowing skies tear up our doubts
and we will perhaps find that heaven is no place for men,
dead or alive, men all the same,
all bear guilt.

Maybe heaven is not a place,
but a way, a heart full of love.
All those who know their guilt
plead that heaven be a place for them.